I will Setup an Effective SEO Campaign For Your Website

I will Setup an Effective SEO Campaign For Your Website
If you want your website organically listed in all of the major search engines we offer a search engine optimization campaign that is custom tailored for your website and will include us handling the following essential steps required to get your website ranking high under keywords targeted to your business:
  • Your website will be reviewed by our SEO expert to make sure your website’s title, description and keywords are done correctly, simply having too much or too little info  of anything can have a negative effect on your search engine rankings. The large search engines like google use a complex algorithm to index and rank websites based on over 200 different factors making the little details very important.
  • We will create profile’s for you and hand submit your website to the 3 major link directories under the category best related to your website. Being indexed which are: Open Directory (dmoz.org), yahoo directory (dir.yahoo.com) and Open Project Directory (opendirectoryproject.net) having your website listed in these directories will improve your search engine rankings.
  • We will make sure your website has a correct sitemap containing all the pages of your website, after all the more pages from your website that get indexed the more traffic you will get in return. We will then hand submit your sitemap to google and all the other major search engines to ensure indexing of your entire website, your sitemap will also make it easier for the search engines to find any new pages or content you may add to your website.
  • We will then hand submit your website to Google and guarantee you that Google spiders will crawl your website soon thereafter which will update your listing across all the major search engines, improve your rankings as well as obtain you new keyword listings.
  • We will then hand submit your website to the other major search engines Bing, yahoo, AOL.

We will treat your website like our own so all the above tasks will be done manually, we do NOT use any automated software or loopholes so we can guarantee your website will NOT be suspected of spamming and possibly blacklisted altogether from google and other top search engines, you always run that risk if you use automated programs to do your SEO work.

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